12 Month Producer Package

The strength of RaynerAg is its strong relationship with producers. Developing a relationship of trust and sharing the vision for your enterprise underpins the RaynerAg approach. The 12 month producer package is designed to work closely with individual producers to achieve your goals. This package has been designed for producers who want personalised on farm service and advice as well as the opportunity to access telephone support on occasion.

Included in the 12 Month Producer Package:

Consultant Retainer: Background preparation, research and follow up to requests or activities over the 12 months are included in the package. It also allows access to client offers including newsletters and reduced training rates

On farm service and assistance (Equivalent of 2.5days or 20 hours): This time is for you to use on farm or elsewhere to address specific areas of improvement; tasks such as selection; inspection; feeding advice etc.

Time taken to travel to farm is NOT included in the 20 hours. Therefore all 20 hours are for your benefit on farm

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