Animal Selection

With over 20 years working with producers across Australia, RaynerAg can assist with selecting superior animals for your enterprise, be it replacement heifers; or bulls which can lift your herd performance. RaynerAg can identify those animals with the traits which will improve your herd productivity and your enterprise profitability.

Replacement Heifers: Not every heifer will make an ideal breeder in your herd. RaynerAg can help identify the heifers with the structural soundness; temperament; growth and yield to take your herd forward. RaynerAg will also help you find alternatives for your surplus heifers. 

Steers: Capturing the full value of your steers requires them to meet market specifications. RaynerAg can help assess steers for fatness and muscle and provide advice on their market suitability. 

Bulls: Choosing a bull which will make a positive contribution to your herd over several generations can be daunting. RaynerAg can make independent recommendations on a bull’s structure; growth; temperament and suitability for your herd; your environment and your target markets.