Enterprise Evaluation

Understanding how your enterprise is operating and identifying opportunities for improvement sometimes requires a different perspective. RaynerAg will bring a fresh perspective to your enterprise; from production to monitoring and suggestions to achieve improved performance and profit.

Herd evaluation: A functional and productive herd is the key to a profitable enterprise. RaynerAg can assess your herd performance and develop strategies to address fertility; growth and market suitability

Breeding Objectives: RaynerAg can work with you to set your breeding objectives. From designing cross breeding programs to choosing bulls for a seed stock operation, RaynerAg will help you achieve the breeding goals for your herd.

Cost of Production: Knowing how much it costs to produce a kilogram of beef is the first stage to developing strategies to increase your profits. RaynerAg will help you establish not only your personal Cost of Production but will also develop practical strategies to improve and achieve great profits in your enterprise.