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Aug 19

Listening in to Rayner Reckons

Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

When I first started writing Rayner Reckons, I wasn't really sure what reception they might get from clients or the general population.  I'm happy to say that in general the feedback is pretty positive.  Not many people write comments on each post, however a lot more people often bail me up in person to mention something about a post they have read or enjoyed.

I'm very pleased that the blogs are useful and thought provoking.  I really want these updates to be about topics or ideas that can help answer a question or be a spur towards a new practice in your own program.  I also want them to showcase the amazing clients I get to work with and to highlight ways in which my business can help you run your program a little more efficiently.

I reckon one of the downsides with a blog is you do need to be able to access the internet and spend the time reading each post.  I spend a lot of time in the car or on planes travelling, and my opportunity to access the internet is a bit restricted.  

I tend to spend a lot of my travelling listening to audio books.  In recent months I've been listening to a lot more podcasts.  A podcast is basically a downloaded file that can be of a radio program, book, interview or lecture.  In fact a lot of things are now available to listen to on line as a podcast.

The has got me thinking, and knowing I'm not alone in wanting something to listen to when I'm travelling or for some people wanting something to listen to when they are out doing other things, or even at night drifting off to sleep.  

So this has lead me to developing a podcast of Rayner Reckons! Each week I will be recording a short podcast of around 10 minutes to discuss some of the topics I think are important for producers to know about.  I'm hoping as time goes on to record and share some of the thoughts of industry leaders and to even highlight a few of the visits and projects I have with RaynerAg clients.

The podcasts won't replace the Rayner Reckons blog.  I see it as another way of sharing ideas and keeping you on top of events and information.

If you haven't used a podcast before you can listen on line by clicking on the podcast you want to listen to.  If you'd like to download it and add it to your iPod or MP3 player, you can search for Rayner Reckons on iTunes and have the latest podcast downloaded for you to listen to when it suits you!

I'm quite excited about this new option for sharing ideas and information and I hope you get a kick out of listening to some of the points I've shared.  


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